Web Design & Internet Marketing Services For Lawyers

Why Hire Us?

WE ARE CHEAPER and We Offer More VALUE for Your Legal Marketing Dollar. We can help you improve your Google organic standing, as well as help with your Local Marketing efforts.

We deal exclusively with lawyers and can help solo attorneys and smaller law firms establish a web presence or improve on an existing legal web site.

What We Offer Lawyers

  • FREE Wordpress Maintenance on Sites
  • We Create CONTENT For Your Firm
  • Custom Video Creations For Your Firm
  • Reputation Management and Client Review Services
  • Organic and Local SEO Results. Video SEO Marketing
  • Website Maintenance and Security for Lawyers

Latest questions and answers


1Why is SEO Marketing Important for Law Firms?

Search Engine Optimization OR SEO is more important then ever for attorneys.  These days when somebody is in need of a lawyer, the first thing they do is consult the Internet.  The yellow pages are a thing of the past, print ads are not what they used to be and consumers are skipping over TV ads with DVRs, or avoiding them entirely with paid services such as Netflix, so it is imperative that businesses are able to reach clients and customers on the web.  SEO is one way to do this and in combination with a good Social Media strategy and high quality content, it can be done and can lead to new clients.

2How Much Do You Charge For Website Services?

We develop lawyer websites for 50% or less then most any other service. If your using one of these bigger services like Findlaw or Dex Media, your probably paying more then you need to, and is it working? We charge as low as $500 for a basic solo lawyer site, and have a few different packages available that include everything you need to get your legal website rolling. We have payment plans that allow you to pay a low monthly fee for the website work.

3Is It Easy For Lawyers to Make Changes to Site?

YES its super simple to make updates to the existing content of webite, OR add new content to your lawyer website.  You can also easily BLOG and we include FREE TRAINING for Lawyers on how to use Wordpress and Blog.

4Why Isn't My Lawyer Site Listed Well on the Search Engines?

Well its hard to say for sure, but usually its a matter of improving the quality of content your adding to your site and also obtaining links from other related websites can make a big difference.   Yet if your a brand new site, it always takes longer to see any kind of results.  Remember that you can always do PPC Marketing not only with Google but with Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Scott Jordan

Wordpress Expert


Providing Web Design, SEO and Wordpress Services to Lawyers

Lawyer Design, SEO & Maintenance Plans

Solo Lawyer Package

$99/ monthly

Wordpress Design Package

  • FREE Domain Name
  • Custom Wordpress Site
  • Wordpress Webhosting
  • Logo Creation & Legal Images For Site
  • SEO Marketing Campaign

Lawyer Monthly Maintenance

$79/ monthly

Wordpress Monthly Maintenance

  • 5 cases at least
  • Unlimited meetings
  • 30 hours in court
  • Professional vindication
  • 10 customers at time

SEO Marketing Deluxe

$399/ monthly

Local, Organic & Video SEO

  • 5 cases at least
  • Unlimited meetings
  • 30 hours in court
  • Professional vindication
  • 10 customers at time


We provide all Internet services to lawyers and law firms of every size including:

–  Legal Web Hosting

–  Mobile Legal Sites

–  Mobile Marketing Solutions for Lawyers

–  Domain Name Consulting

–  Twitter for Law Firms

–  Legal Directories

–  Web Site Analytics

–  Web Site Maintenance